We have created some of the most successful original formats for the US Hispanic and Latin American markets. Our content division has 3 dedicated operating units focused on Reality, Fiction and General Entertainment, with development and production teams in Los Angeles and Miami.

Historias de la Virgen Morena

When all seems lost, hope and faith is all that matters.

Dramatic stories inspired by true events. These are powerful and deeply human urban stories that can happen to anyone. Our characters, everyday men and women, will face challenges and pressures beyond their power to overcome. Produced two seasons of self-conclusive episodes for Telemundo and subsequently aired in several other countries including: Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, and others.

Format: Religious Drama
Terms: License Fee / Production
2 Seasons
120 Episodes

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No way out.

Suspense and drama anthology series inspired by real events. Each self-contained episode captures the audience from the beginning and has an interesting dynamic that sustains till the unexpected twist at the end. It is a series of unrelated stories containing drama, psychological thriller, action and suspense. The narrative moves forward rather quickly as the main characters appear immediately and their traits are established. Shot entirely in Mexico City in natural settings, each episode tells the story of characters caught in impossible situations, shocking circumstances high in reality, violence, love and eroticism.

Format: Suspense / Drama
Terms: License Fee / Production

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