Production Services

The most technologically advanced operation in South Florida

Two state-of-the-art facilities designed for high quality TV productions, in addition to broadcasting and operations of TV channels. Studios are 100% acoustically independent allowing them to be used simultaneously. All inter-connected via routers to Master Control Rooms, Media Servers and Post-Production Center.


Studio rental opportunities with the latest technology and the skilled crew needed to fulfill your ambitious project. Dressing and makeup rooms, wardrobe, storage, break areas; all for your private use and monitored 24/7.


Production area: 18,000 SF.
Office Space: 15,000 SF.

Studio 1

6,448 ft2

Studio 2

4,435 ft2

Studio 3

1,350 ft2


Production area: 32,500 SF.
Office Space: 27,500 SF.

Studio 4

4,695 ft2

Studio 5

4,400 ft2

Studio 6

2,352 ft2

Studio 7

4,071 ft2

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